When it comes to move house, whether you are moving one item or an entire house, Soon Seng Transport has the experienced to provide reliable and efficient service to make your house relocation a stress free experience. Our well-trained staff and packers are trained to pack and move your belongings, including dismantling and re-assembling of bulky furniture, antique to your new home.

Being a house owner, you do play a packer role of packing and unpacking of items into carton boxes and because of this we provide packer assistance services to ensure safe, efficient, hassle-free for your house relocation event. Our skilled packers ensure that your belongings will be carefully and safely pack with protective material such as carton, tape, bubble wrap, paper and other packing material.

We are all organized in terms of distributing items and all the boxes will be labelled clearly, these ensure the boxes will be situated appropriately in their new location to avoid mixing one item to other. We offer unpacking service provided, if you prefer to let our movers and packers do all the work.

Contact our sales consultant for a site survey at your home with customized moving plans and rates for your needs and requirements


Here in Hundal commercial relocation needs customized service with specialized equipment for safe, compactors, systems furniture and other heavy machinery, which require a high level of knowledge and experience to plan and complete the event.

During the office relocation process, files, computers, records, phones will be inaccessible. Our experienced supervisors will plan and supervise to handle with immense responsibility as the process may disturb the regular productivity and workflow. The entire office relocation process requires careful planning and includes various basic activities to be arranged to ensure a smooth execution.

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